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Part Number:MHPK-58BH
Cotter pins no more! With Brinly's extra-strength magnetic hitch pin, you'll never need to look for a cotter pin again, or struggle to get your tow-behind lawn and garden equipment hooked up to your tractor. Just use the easy-pull handle to quickly hook up your attachment, and get the job started! The Brinly magnetic hitch pin is guardanteed to last, featuring a high-grade neodymium magnet with weatherpoof plating. Brinly magnetic hitch pins come in two sizes made to best fit your category of attachment. Use the MHPK-58BH size for your sleeve hitch attachments, and the MHPK-12BH for all other Brinly Tow-Behind products.
  • The MHPK-58BH size of 4.5" length, 5/8" diameter long is for use with products that require a sleeve hitch, like Brinly Ground engaging attachments (Plow, Disc Harrow, Box Scraper, Rear Blade, & Cultivator)
  • Tested for Durability: Heavy, all-steel pin design holds up for use season after season. Bright red color is easy to spot in your garage or shop.
  • Extra-strength design: Featuring a neodymium magnet with weatherpoof plating. Hitch pin stays in place even when hitting bumps or crossing rough terrain.
  • Easy-pull handle: Only one hand needed for quick release when the job is done. No more struggling when trying to unhook your tractor attachment-- just grab and go!
  • No more cotter pins: Magnetic hitch pin is strong enough to stay in place even without cotter pins-- never worry about losing another pin again!
  • Works with most tractor and ATV Tow-Behind Attachments. Guaranteed compatibility with all Brinly Tow-Behind attachments.

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