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(Only fits STS-426LXH)

Dethatcher Kit for STS-426LXH Only
Part Number DK-42LX
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Our Dethatcher Kit is designed specifically to fit our STS-426LXH Lawn Sweeper. The kit features two rows of individually flexing tines that gently pull thatch and grass clippings to the surface of the lawn. The sweeper then collects the material, saving you from hours of raking and bagging.

Ideal for both spring and fall, the DK-42LX kit can be added to your sweeper to mow, dethatch, and pick up grass clippings in a single pass, saving you time, energy, and gas! Unlike competitive models, there is no need to remove the kit when not in use. Simply flip the Lift Handle to disengage the tines and continue sweeping.

The Dethatcher Kit is a necessity for every Brinly Sweeper owner, saving you time, money, and effort. A gorgeous spring lawn is made possible by the preparations of the fall, and the Brinly 42" Dethatcher Kit makes your preparation faster, less expensive, and easier.

Sweeper not included

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